Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam Review

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam Review

Check out the Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam review and get natural glowing skin.

Natural and organic skincare products are everywhere in the market right now. People have been switching from using chemical products to using natural and organic skincare. Natural, organic and herbal skincare products are the most effective and beneficial for your skin since they do not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Skincare products with chemicals do provide results but they also harm your skin and may not always give results as well. Natural skincare products are made of natural ingredients which are full of antioxidants beneficial to your skin.

One of the many such brands is Vasu Healthcare which is an Ayurvedic and Herbal Indian brand. Vasu Healthcare, with its rich culture and deeply rooted legacy since 1980, with the aim to introduce herbal and ayurvedic products to the people. With their belief to heal health ailments with natural botanicals, they have developed more than 200 highly effective products.

So, today I am going to be reviewing the Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam again. I have been trying this product for quite a while now and so decided to share my thoughts regarding the product helping you to decide whether to give them a try or not.

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam Review:

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil is a product made with 100% natural oil, free from any chemicals and artificial fragrance. It gives a gold like glow to the skin because of kumkumadi tailam. Vasu Facial Beauty Oil helps you maintain a youthful appearance of your skin naturally and gives a natural glow overcoming hyper-pigmentation, age spot, wrinkles and blemishes.

100% Natural Ingredients | Clinically Proven Actives | 0% Mineral Oil | 0% Silicone | 0% Artificial Fragrance & Color | Cruelty-Free | For Men & Women

  • Maintains youthful appearance of skin.
  • Boosts collagen synthesis.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Revitalizes and nourishes skin.
  • Evens skin tone by reducing Age spots.
  • Reduces appearance of premature wrinkles.
Vasu Facial Beauty Oil with Kumkumadi Tailam Review

I had always been worried about using facial oils on my skin as I have oily skin and the thought of applying more oil on the skin worried me that it might lead to breakouts. The Vasu Facial Beauty Oil claims to reduce hyper pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and premature wrinkles which are some of the problems I wanted to get rid of and hence tempted me to give this product a try.

I have been using this oil after cleansing my face for a few days now and I am really surprised with the results so far. The best thing that I liked about it that the oil has a runny consistency and is not heavy, thick or sticky on the skin. The product gets easily absorbed into the skin and my skin feels soft and supple.

Using this 100% natural facial oil with kumkumadi tailam has given my skin a more youthful appearance and the best part of it being that it is made with natural ingredients, what can be better than that? Using products with natural ingredients has proved very beneficial to my skin, hence I would recommend to give this product a try.

The Vasu Facial Beauty Oil retails at Rs.550 for 25ml. You can find this product on the Vasu Store and on Amazon.

Vasu Store:


You can also check out the brand’s Instagram page @vasuhealthcare.

I hope you like this Vasu Facial Beauty Oil & Aloe Vera Gel Review and it helps you in deciding whether it is worth the try. Please leave your thoughts or suggestions in the comments down below and do subscribe to be updated on my upcoming posts & you can also check out my other reviews as well.

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