7 Tips to Getting Rid of Chapped Lips

7 Tips to Getting Rid of Chapped Lips

Here are 7 tips on getting rid of dry and chapped lips…Show the lips some care because it’s not fair!

The skin on your lips is very sensitive and it is important to take care and protect it. It is completely normal to get chapped lips but it also requires extra attention to prevent them from cracking and inflammation.

You might be drinking lots of water the whole day and even applying Vaseline or lip balm yet your lips are feeling dry and chapped. You might wonder what exactly I am I supposed to do to avoid this and get luscious and soft lips?? Well, here are some steps you could follow to take care of your lips and achieve soft, supple lips.

7 Tips to Getting Rid of Chapped Lips:

1. Stay hydrated.

STAY HYDRATED to avoid chapped lips

This is the most important thing you are supposed to be following every day. To achieve healthy skin, body, and lips you need lots of water. Your diet should include at least a minimum of 2 liters of water in a day.

Drinking water helps provide the moisture to the lips they need or the lack of water causing dehydration in the body can lead to dry and chapped lips.

2. Do not lick or pick the dried skin.


All the dry lips people, I completely relate with you all when you lick your lips when it gets dry, and honestly, even I have done so.

But you are not supposed to do so, as it may cause redness and irritation on the skin of your lips and also sometimes turn to be painful and we definitely don’t want that.

3. Choose products with helpful ingredients.


Look out for lip products with natural oils and hyaluronic acid, which hydrates your skin. Also, look for lip balms that are moisturizing which penetrates into the skin and heals it and not just creates a layer on the skin’s surface.

Try to look for products with natural ingredients like beeswax, natural oil, and butter. Avoid products with artificial fragrances and color, alcohol, camphor, parabens, and other synthetic preservatives.

4. Use lip care products with SPF.


Always look out for lip balms and lipsticks which include SPF in them especially if you are out and about exposing your skin to the sun.

Sun exposure on lips without any protection can cause lips to wrinkle and cause fine lines around the mouth. So it is important to also protect your lips by using products including SPF.

5. Try a humidifier.


A humidifier helps to add moisture into the air especially when the air is too dry in your home.

Bringing back the moisture in the air at your home is also helpful in keeping your lips hydrated. Using it especially at night while sleeping will help heal your lips overnight.

6. Use lip scrub.


You should use a lip scrub at least once a week and exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating can help you get rid of some of the dry peeling skin.

You can then follow it with a lip balm or lip mask. This will help you to get even and smooth surface of the skin and make it easier to apply lipstick as well.

7. Prevent chapped lips.


Even after you have healed your chapped lips, you should continue to taking care of your lips. Include lip care into your skincare routine.

Avoid wearing drying lipsticks for a long period which makes your lips more dry and chapped. Changing your diet may also help sometimes, nutritional deficiencies in vitamin B2, B12, and B6 can also sometimes be part of your problem. 

These are some of the things which might be helpful for you to take care of your lips. I hope you try using these steps to achieve soft and supple lips. Let me know if you guys would like a post on some home remedies to help dry and chapped lips by leaving a comment below. Also, let me know your opinions and share some of your own tips and tricks…

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