Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser Review

Oil-Free Acne Wash Review:

  Neutrogena has always been an effective skincare brand. This particular range was not available in India previously, but now you can easily get it. I personally suffer from acne and when I saw this product launch I was immediately attracted to it and the sound of pink grapefruit made it even more tempting to buy. 

Where to buy: 

 I brought this product from Nykaa priced at Rs 599. You can also get this on Amazon. 

My first thoughts:

  Neutrogena is a very well known brand for its skincare products, though I have used a lot of their products, I still wasn’t sure about this one if it would work for me or not. I have used their normal facial cleanser which did not quite work out for me so when I saw this product launched in India and everyone raving about how good it is I decided to try this product as well to see if it is good as they say.
  So I have oily skin and I suffer from acne problems and after various use of different products claiming to clear out acne I had literally given up. So, this one was also one of those trials to check if it works for my acne or not. 

My thoughts after using the product:

  I have been using this product for quite a while now, twice a day. I use it once in the morning in my shower and once in the night when I come back from work. And I can say that it is gentle on your skin, it smells amazing and since using this I have had no new breakout. Although it still hasn’t cleared out my old acne marks, it is working amazingly well by not giving me new ones. 

  The salicylic acid in it helps in dealing with the acne quite well and prevents from having any breakouts. After every wash, the skin definitely feels clean and oil-free. I can’t say how this product would work for those with dry skin. I personally also love the pink grapefruit smell it gives. 
  This product is definitely worth the try if you suffer from acne and oily skin. Honestly, I would recommend this product only for those who have combination to oily skin type. I feel this cleanser also dries out the skin a bit and I would not recommend this for those with dry skin. Although, it works quite effectively for acne. 
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