9 Olive Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

9 Olive Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Learn about the 9 amazing benefits of olive oil for your skin as well as your hair.

Olive oil is additionally referred to as liquid gold in ancient times. It is made by pressing olives and extracting their oils. It’s also one of the foremost preferred oil due to the many health, beauty, and hair benefits it holds.

Benefits of Olive oil for Skin :

1. Anti-aging properties


Olive oil is incredibly rich in vitamin E and also antioxidants which help to guard the skin. It helps to delay the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by retaining the elasticity of the skin. Just take 2-3 drops of oil and massage it on the face and leave it on for few minutes and wash it after.

2. Moisturizing skin


Olive oil is very rich in vitamin E which helps to protect the skin from harsh sun or wind. It is the perfect moisturizer which is non-sticky and also suitable for all and any skin types due to the light texture of the oil.

Use a small amount of the oil and massage it on the face for a few minutes and leave it for about 15 minutes and wash it with water after. You can do this after having a bath or a shower. For those that have dry skin, you can also leave the oil overnight and then wash it with a gentle face wash in the morning which will leave your skin soft and hydrated in the morning.

3. Repairing cracked heels


Olive oil can also be used to exfoliate your heels and revive those cracked heels. You have to take hot lemon water and mix it with oil and then rub the mixture generously on your heels to give it moisture and smoothness.

You can wear socks and leave it overnight while you sleep to lock in the hydrating treatment.

4. Helps to remove makeup


Finding a good makeup remover is very difficult which helps get rid of all the makeup especially the mascara. Well, do not worry because you have it available easily anytime in your kitchen. Yes, olive oil is the best makeup remover and does the job perfectly without harming your skin.

From removing eye makeup to stubborn mascara, it is the perfect and the best alternative for other harmful makeup removers with chemicals. Just dip a cotton ball in olive oil and remove the makeup off and wash the face with a mild and gentle cleanser to wash off any remaining product.

5. Nail health


We all know by now that olive oil is very rich in vitamin E, which helps to bring those brittle nails back to life.

It also helps in conditioning the cuticles and softens them keeping them hydrated. Just dip the cotton ball in the oil and dab it on the nails and cuticles.

6. Lip scrub


Taking care of your lips is very important as it is to take care of your skin. The skin of the lips is sensitive and needs extra attention. Olive oil can make your lips supple and pretty.

All you need is brown sugar or just normal sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice. Mix these together and apply it on the lips and scrub it for a few minutes. Olive oil helps to moisturize and hydrate the lips and also makes them smooth and lemon and sugar act as an exfoliator.

Benefits of Olive oil for Hair :

1. Promotes hair growth


Olive oil is also great when it comes to fixing any hair problems from dry, frizzy hair to hair fall. The vitamin E in olive oil makes the hair stronger and also prevents hair fall.

You can use olive oil for the hair by combining one spoon honey, one egg yolk, and four spoons of olive oil and apply it to your hair for half an hour. Do this twice a week and not only will your hair grow stronger but will also make it shine. 

2. Helps cure dandruff


Olive oil helps moisturize the scalp and reduce irritation. It is very helpful in reducing dandruff.

Just take two spoons of olive and two spoons of lemon juice, mix it together. Massage your hair with the mixture, keep it for half an hour, and wash it later. Repeat this at least thrice a week and it will help you get rid of dandruff.

3. Makes hair smooth


Olive is rich in vitamin E which helps in making your hair healthier. You can get smooth and hair with regular use of olive oil.

All you have to do is take a few spoons of olive oil depending on your hair length. Heat the oil a little and massage it into your hair leaving it on for about an hour and then gently rinse it with shampoo.

These are some of the benefits of olive which are helpful for your skin and hair. Let me know if you use any of these remedies and how it works for you.. 🙂 Also, you can share your personal tips and tricks in the comments below.. 

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