8 Summer Fashion Tips to Beat the Heat

8 Summer Fashion Tips to Beat the Heat

Check out these cool and amazing summer fashion tips and tricks to remain sweat-proof this summer.

Summers can be challenging to dress up especially when the heat is blazing upon you. The unbearable heat and humidity in summers causing you to sweat can ruin your fashion game. Wearing the right type of clothes is important, as some of them can cause skin infections, rashes etc.

No one wants to have sweaty patches in the underarms, boob sweat etc. To avoid all these problems and keeping comfort in mind, here are some cool summer fashion tips and tricks which will help you look beautiful and stylish this summer.

8 Summer Fashion Tips to Stay Cool & Comfortable:

1. Wear Loose Clothes

Summer Fashion Tips Wear Loose Clothes

The less amount of fabric you have touching your body, the cooler and comfortable you will feel. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it restricts your blood circulation, as your blood vessels dilate during the summers to cool the body and let out the heat through your skin. Hence, wearing loose and airy clothes will help the blood to circulate and keep your body cooler. You can opt for a flowy maxi dress, t-shirt dress, or loose t-shirt or shirt with a pair of shorts or off-shoulder flowy dress or top.

2. Go for lighter fabrics

Go for lighter fabrics

Try to avoid clothes made of nylon or polyester which doesn’t let your skin breathe which can be absolutely frustrating during the scorching summers and also can lead to embarrassing body odor. Instead, go for fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, or thin denim. These fabrics are breathable and cooling as they are better at absorbing sweat and dries faster which will not make you feel sweaty and sticky.

3. Choose lighter colors

Choose lighter colors

Light-colored clothes reflect the light and help you to keep cool, whereas the dark colors absorb the light and make you feel more hot and sweaty. Darker colored fabrics absorb the heat and trap it which makes you feel hot. Go for colors like white, baby pink, yellow, light blue, and many other lighter colors.

4. Avoid wearing a padded bra

Avoid wearing a padded bra

Try to skip the padded bra with inches of foam padding making you sweat, and I am sure no girl likes the boob sweat..right? Try to opt for soft, light fabric and unlined bras or bralettes. Doing so will help your skin remain dry and cool rather than sweaty and sticky.

5. Wear a wide-brimmed hat

Wear a wide-brimmed hat

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat will help you protect your head and face from the sun and provide shade. Also, wearing hats up your fashion game and also look stylish. Also, there is no rule saying that hats can be used at beaches, you can wear them anywhere. Opt for hats with light and breathable material that helps offset the heat trapped.

6. Choose the right bags

Choose the right bags

Go for a tote or a small cross-body bag which will help you to exert yourself less and hence avoiding too much sweating. Carrying a huge backpack or huge tote bag is the last thing you want to carry around in the summers which will make you sweat even more.

7. Use a scarf to keep your hair at bay

Use a scarf to keep your hair at bay

Long hair and summers together can be very annoying especially you are sweating and the hair sticks to your neck or body. Using a scarf can be very helpful and a great solution to keep your hair away from your body. You can use a small cotton scarf to tie up your hair, which will not only keep your hair off your neck but also give you a stylish trendy look for the summer.

8. Wear minimum jewelry

Wear minimum jewelry

Add jewelry to complete your look and add a touch of glam, but be sure to keep it minimal as wearing heavy or too much jewelry will start irritating you when the temperature rises. Wear as little amount of jewelry as possible like earrings that don’t really touch your skin, unlike necklaces or bracelets.

So, I hope these summer fashion tips and tricks make your summer fun, exciting, and stylish. Let me know if you try any of these summer fashion tips or have any questions in the comments below.

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