8 Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid making these common mascara mistakes to ensure that your lashes look perfect every day.

Mascara is the easiest way to make yourself look awake, but also not so easy to use. There are definitely many mascara mistakes you might be making while applying mascara, that you may not realize. If you want best-looking lashes, these are some of the mistakes that you want to avoid.

Mascara Mistakes You Might be Making:

1. Using the mascara wand only horizontally

Mascara mistakes: Using the mascara wand only horizontally

The common technique we all use is wiggling the mascara wand at the base of your lashes, but you should also use it vertically to coat your lashes completely. When you use it vertically, you can coat your lashes getting the roots of the top lashes. You can do so by using a windshield wiper motion to coat the lashes evenly.

2. You start with the top lashes first


When you apply mascara on the top lashes before, you have to look up when applying it to the bottom lashes which causes the wet mascara which is just applied to the top lashes to smudge and get to your eyelids. If you want to avoid doing that, you should apply mascara to the lower lashes first.

Quick Tip: If your mascara does smudge, wait for it dry and it will flake off easily with a cotton swab, rather than wiping it off immediately which will just cause it to smudge even more.

3. Pumping the mascara wand too much

Pumping the mascara wand too much

The one thing most of us do, which we should not be doing is pumping the mascara wand to get more product on it. This pumps the air into the tube and causes the mascara to dry out quickly. Dry mascara causes your lashes to clump.

You do not want your mascara to dry off especially if it is expensive. So, instead of pumping the wand, try twisting the wand in a circular motion to get more product.

4. Curling lashes after applying mascara

Curling lashes after applying mascara

Definitely many of us do this, that is we curl our lashes after we have applied mascara. By doing this, you are putting all the hard work you just did to waste.

Curling lashes after applying mascara will cause them to smudge and clump and also look gross. It will also make your lashes stick to the curler and pull them damaging your lashes. So always curl your lashes before applying mascara.

5. Using waterproof mascara daily

Using waterproof mascara daily

Waterproof mascara lasts longer and does not smudge which is why you may think it is suitable to wear regularly which is wrong. Waterproof mascara is called waterproof because it meant to be used if you are going to be exposed to water like when going to the beach or pool.

It is not meant to be used every day as it is difficult to remove and wearing it regularly can cause your lashes to dry out and become weak and even lead to losing your lashes.

6. Using old mascara

Using old mascara

Using old mascaras is a big no-no, you need to keep renewing your product after three to six months, though you should toss it earlier if it is clumped up. Makeup can also carry bacteria and using old mascara can cause eye infections.

When kept for too long the mascara tube will be filled with bacteria that can risk you with various types of eye infections.

7. Not removing mascara completely

Not removing mascara completely

We all know that we are not supposed to sleep with makeup on. But not removing your mascara completely is also a big no-no. This mascara mistake is definitely to be avoided.

If mascara residue is left on your lashes, and you reapply mascara the next day, it can cause lash breakage, eye irritation, and also infections.

8. Using only one mascara

Using only one mascara

Each mascara serves its own purpose, some are for lengthening, some volumizing, etc. Layering is important to get the perfect mascara look for your eyes.

You can apply volumizing mascara to both the eyes and when it dries you can go for a lengthening formula on top to achieve a flawless mascara look.

These are some of the common mascara mistakes you might be making and which you should definitely try to avoid. Have you made any of these mascara mistakes?? Let me know in the comments below…

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