8 Causes of Pimples You Didn’t Know

8 Causes of Pimples You Didn’t Know

Find out the 8 causes of pimples which you probably did not know about…

Surely, almost all of us hates getting pimples especially when they come at a wrong time, and surely many have squeezed and popped those pimples off, but doing so is not the best way to get rid of pimples. Also, you might be thinking that I am all the right things like washing my face regularly, exfoliate, moisturize, and all the proper skincare routine, but yet my skin is breaking out!! Unfortunately, the truth is that even though you are doing all the right things, you might not be addressing all the possible causes. 

Reasons for Pimples You Probably Didn’t Know!

1. Not changing your pillowcase or bed-sheets.

Not changing your pillowcase or bed-sheets can cause Pimples

Many of us sometimes, go to sleep without removing makeup or without washing our face, which causes the dirt, oil, makeup, etc to get transferred on your pillowcase or sheets.

Hence, when you don’t change your pillowcases at regular intervals, the friction of the face rubbing to those dirty and soiled pillowcases causes acne breakouts. 


Wash your pillowcases and sheets regularly, if not then switch to using a silk pillowcase.

2. Using harsh face scrub.

Using harsh face scrub causes pimples

Regular exfoliating may prevent from causing acne, but scrubbing the hell out of the skin will not help you make it smoother, it will just make things worse.

Scrubbing your skin more with a washcloth, face scrub, etc will cause more breakouts, rashes, and acne.


Wash and exfoliate with a mild formula that does not require excessive scrubbing.

3. Lack of sleep.

3. Lack of sleep.

Sleep is a time where you rest and the body repairs itself. Not getting proper sleep may result in an increase in cortisol (stress hormone) which can trigger breakouts.

Sleep deprivation may result in overproduction of cortisol which causes the glands to produce more oil which leads to causing pimples and acne.


The simple solution to this is to get enough sleep and getting off your phone while sleeping.

4. Using too much spot treatment.

Using too much spot treatment

There are many of us who just quickly find and load up the skin with acne and pimple treatments at the first sight of a pimple.

Sometimes the excess use of these products which contains certain ingredients can dry out your skin and trigger it to produce excess oil which can lead up to cause pimples.


The solution to is this is not to throw away your treatments, just not to overdo it.

5. Clogged pores due to hair products.

Clogged pores due to hair products.

Your shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products include pore-clogging moisturizing agents and sulfates.

So, when you use these products the ingredients seep into your skin and clogs your pores which causes acne and pimples on your face as well as your body.


To avoid this, you can switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. Secondly, while conditioning your hair, clip your hair up off your back which will help the formula to sit and also not let the product seep on your back. Also, while rinsing your hair, tilt your head to the side to wash the product off which helps in avoiding the product to off your face and body.

6. Sweat accumulation.


Not washing your face or having a shower after a workout allows the mixture of makeup, dirt, sweat, oil, etc to be clogged in your skin causing breakouts.


Always wash your face or use cleansing wipes to remove makeup to avoid bacteria and pore-clogging oils. Also, shower after doing a workout or coming from a gym.

7. Smoking/ Drinking.

Smoking and drinking is also one of the reasons to cause breakouts. Smoking cigarettes causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen that goes into your body which also causes the breakdown of collagen and skin’s elasticity which leads to wrinkles and enlarged pores.

These few factors cause your skin to dry out which triggers it to produce more oil and cause acne and pimples. Similarly, drinking alcohol doesn’t directly cause acne but it can worsen the condition.


The solution to this is simple, don’t smoke or drink. You will have a longer life as well as clear skin

8. Stress.


Stress causes acne and breakouts as your skin produces stress hormones which stimulate your oil glands more causing more oil production and hence clogging your pores.

Also, acne heals slower and stay longer if you are under constant stress.


Try to work out, meditate, and take time out for yourself from your busy schedule and release your stress so that your body does not continue to release hormones causing breakouts.

These are some of the causes which lead to pimples that you might not have known. These factors are also responsible for pimples and acne for which proper care of skin has to be taken and not avoided. I hope you find this helpful, so let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments down below…I would love to hear from you…Also, if you like it then don’t forget to share it your friends…

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