7 Monsoon Makeup Tips for Rainy Days

7 Monsoon Makeup Tips for Rainy Days

Here are some cool monsoon makeup tips that will help your makeup last longer during the rainy days.

Summer is gone so quickly and the rainy days are here now…Rains and the monsoon season is overall beautiful and romantic but it is not so nice when it comes to your skin and makeup. The increase in humidity during this season makes the makeup go patchy and drippy and mascara running down your eyes. Using minimum makeup is the best way to go for during the monsoons. The more makeup you layer the more your face will sweat and melt the makeup and make you look like a complete mess.

The best way would be just to avoid using makeup, but what if you are meeting that someone special or have a meeting, you want to look nice and presentable without patchy and drippy makeup, right? Do not worry because I have got you covered with these monsoon makeup tips and hacks that will help your makeup last and survive the rainy days.

7 Monsoon Makeup Tips:

Monsoon Makeup tips Moisturize the skin

You will wonder that who would want to moisturize in this humid and sticky weather but it is important to do so as your skin gets dry in this season.

The humid weather and the rains cause the skin to get dry and become dehydrated, hence it is recommended to use a little bit of moisturizer to hydrate the skin. You can use a light, water-based moisturizer which does not leave the skin oily and hydrates it as well.

Use a Primer

We all know using a primer will help your makeup last longer and keep it in place.

A primer will help keep your makeup in place and prevent it from melting off because it helps in decreasing the amount of sweat coming out through the pores.

Additionally, it will also smoothen the face making the application easier and also make the makeup last longer. No expensive foundation or powder will last that long in the rainy season if you do not prime your face before applying it. 

Go for BB Creams instead of Foundation

Try opting for BB creams instead of the heavy foundations since they will make your face look cakey and patchy due to the humidity and wetting.

BB creams are a great alternative during the rainy season as they are lightweight and also gives a bit of coverage. It will work amazingly to help the skin to look even also preventing the face from looking cakey. If you want more coverage to cover up blemishes and spots, you can go an oil-free concealer which will help to do so.

Powders are BFFs

Using powders or powder-based makeup products is the best way to go for during the monsoons.

Powders will help the makeup to absorb any oil, make the makeup last longer, and also give an amazing flawless matte look.

You can use loose powder or pressed powders, but remember to not layer it up too much for coverage. You want to just powders to just get rid of the excess oil and make the makeup last longer.


When it comes to blush, I would recommend going for a cheek tint which will help it last longer and not disappear away.

It will also help in giving a natural flush to the cheeks. You can also dust a bit of powder blush on top of it to make it pop and also last more.

Also, try to keep blush to a minimal amount and not overdo it and also go for soft peachy and pastel shades rather than red or orange tones. If your get wet in the rains and you have water dripping, then do not rub your face to wipe it off this will make it worse, rather just dab the face gently with a tissue that will absorb the moisture without spoiling your makeup.


When it comes to eyes, waterproof products are the way to go during the rainy season.

If you are applying eyeshadow make sure to prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer or a tiny amount of concealer and pat a little powder to set it before applying any colored eyeshadow.

Use powder-based eyeshadows to avoid it from smudging or melting off from your eyelids. You can go for any subtle colors or bright colors as well for eyeshadow during this season.

For eyeliners and mascara, go for those which are waterproof or they will drip off your eyes and make you look like a complete mess. Waterproof eyeliners stay on for a long time without smudging as compared to pencil or cream-based eyeliners. As for mascara, waterproof mascaras are the only way to go for during this season to keep it intact and not drip off due to the rains and humidity. 


To make your lipstick last longer during the rainy season, go for a lip liner and apply it all over your lips to get a base for your lipstick and to make it last longer.

The best way is to go for lip tints during this season as they will last longer without having to reapply as well.

Also, avoid using a lip gloss and cream lipsticks as they will melt and smudge off due to the humidity and the rains, instead go for lip tints and matte-finished lipsticks.

To conclude, the main thing to keep in mind is that less is more, the more layers of makeup you apply the more chances are for it to get spoiled. So, these are some of the monsoon makeup tips you can try for your makeup to stay in place for a long time without smudging or melting off due to the rains and humidity. 

I hope these monsoon makeup tips are helpful for you to achieve an amazing makeup look during the rainy days. Let me know in the comments below for any queries or if these monsoon makeup tips work out for you. I would love to know your thoughts… 🙂

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