6 Best Summer Outfit Colors You Should be Wearing

6 Best Summer Outfit Colors You Should be Wearing

Check out the 6 best summer outfit colors you should be wearing this summer along with some fashion tips on how you can style them.

I am sure everyone is feeling the heat of summer, are we not? Summer is a season where it can challenging to follow a fashion trend due to the blazing heat and humidity. All we want to feel is comfortable and relaxed as much as possible in the summers. But, you can also stay on trend and look stylish and fashionable by wearing the right summer outfit colors. Also adding some color to your wardrobe or style can help enlighten your mood and boost your confidence as well.    

Summer is the perfect time and reason for you to experiment with some pop of colors. Wearing light colors in summer is more preferable than dark colors as light colors reflect the sun rays while dark colors absorb the heat making you sweat more and nobody wants that, right?  So, here I am sharing some of the summer outfit colors for you to wear this summer with tips on how to style each of them as well.

Best Summer Outfit Colors to Wear in Summer:

1. Blush Pink

Blush Pink Summer Outfit Colors

Pink is one of my favorite colors especially the soft shade of pink. Blush pink is a great pastel shade that is going to keep trending for a long time in the summers. It gives a feeling of lightness and freshness along with a feminine touch which completely transforms your look. It is also a great option for those who do not like bold colors and prefer staying with light neutral shades.

You can go for a complete pink flowy dress or a blush pink top with your favorite jeans or shorts.

2. Yellow

Whenever you think of summer, yellow is probably the color that comes first in the mind, right? Well, yellow has to be included in this list of summer outfit colors. Yellow, the color of the sun and the color giving the happiest vibes, this color can instantly cheer up your mood and make you smile and feel happier.  

Go for a simple top in any shade of yellow with your favorite pair of jeans or just opt for any cute yellow dress. You can also go for a simple cute Kurti paired with jeans or palazzo.

3. Blue

Blue is the color of the skies and the oceans which naturally give a calming effect. Blue is a color that complements every skin tone, so you should definitely give it a try. You can try various shades of blue this summer like baby blue, dusty blue, etc. 

You can go for a floral or printed blue flowy dress or a maxi dress giving you a comfortable and cool feeling. You can also pair up a simple white top with a nice shade of blue shorts or a skirt or even nice dusty blue trousers.

4. Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange

The burnt orange color has gained its popularity and is trending as well. Orange is the new black, right? Now, orange can also be an aggressive and tricky color to style. But do not worry I have got you covered if you really want to give this color a try. This color has become one of the most used and popular summer outfit colors this year.

You can pair a nice orange dress with a denim jacket or an orange blouse with denim jeans. You can pair orange with its complementary color green, you can also pair it with gold with a simple dress and adding gold jewelry pieces. You can also opt for a print or pattern in this color. 

5. Green


Green in summers can be a little unusual but just the right shade of green can do the trick. It gives a fresh and refreshing change from the usual colors like pink and yellow. You can go for mint green, lime green, or pastel green shades in the summers.

You can go for a lime or mint green kurtas with complementing cigarette pants or palazzo. You can also style a white or a striped t-shirt with green pants or a skirt or just go for a pretty floral green flowy dress or maxi dress.

6. White


Summer and spring season would not be complete without white outfits. One can never go wrong with white color outfits. White color is said to reflect heat leaving you feeling cooler and comfortable.

A white lace maxi dress paired with sandals and hat is great for summer and beaches. A plain white t-shirt with denim shorts is also a simple and great option. You can also go all white with a white top and white jeans or pants.

Now, that you know what summer outfit colors you can wear, it is time to rock this summer. In the end, it is all about feeling confident in what you wear to style and rock any look. 

Let me know in the comments below which color is your favorite or any other suggestions for colors to wear in the summers. I would love to know your thoughts. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications for more posts like these and also share this with your friends if you liked it.. 🙂

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