20 Ways to Style a Plain White T-Shirt

Check out these 20 different ways to style a plain white t-shirt to look fashionable without too much effort.

Sometimes you might just be bored to wear anything fancy or colorful even…am I right? There are days when you feel lazy and want to turn to your plain white T-shirt and just feel comfortable, but yet you want to look presentable and stylish, so, how do you do that? Well, a simple plain white T-shirt can be styled in a lot of different ways with which you can feel comfortable, presentable, and stylish to go out, chill, or even attend meetings and events.

I am sure everyone owns a plain white T-shirt in their closets…umm, if you don’t then, what world are you living in gurrll? The simple, basic, and plain white T-shirt is an easy piece of clothing that can be worn any day. When there is nothing to wear, the reliable old plain white T-shirt comes to the rescue. But, it can also sometimes be boring sometimes to just wear a plain old white tee, so here I am to tell you how you can style a simple plain white T-shirt in 20 different ways to look chic and fashionable.

Style Your Plain White T-shirt in 20 Different Ways:

1. White T-shirt + Plain Old Jeans + Tan Tote bag

The simple classic casual chic look is to pair a white T-shirt with your regular old jeans or mom jeans and adding a tan-colored tote bag or a fanny pack around your waist and a pair of white sneakers. 

2. Co-ord Skirt and Blazer set with White T-shirt

You can also layer your white T-shirt under a matching skirt and blazer set. This will help give your plain white t-shirt a casual yet formal look.

3. Floral Skirt + White T-shirt

You can go for a floral short or midi skirt with a plain white T-shirt tying a knot to it and a pair of block heels or flats. You can add a sling bag to complete the look. This look will give you a casual look which is great for humid and hot summer days.

4. White T-shirt + Blazer + Black leather pants

You can wear a plain white T-shirt layering up with a plain basic colored blazer with black leather pants. You can accessorize this look with a sling bag and some heels. This look will give an edgy formal look which can be great for meetings or night outs.

5. Bomber Jacket+ Jeans + White T-shirt

A simple white V-neck white T-shirt layered up with a bomber jacket and your normal old jeans are also a great way to style a plain white T-shirt for a casual look. 

6. All White look

You can also go for an all-white look with a white T-shirt and white jeans or white pants and accessorizing it with a neutral-colored bag. This is great for a simple casual day out especially during the summers.

7. White T-shirt +  Pleated skirt

You can wear a simple plain white T-shirt along with a nice metallic or solid colored pleated skirt for a nice outfit for a casual comfortable outing or a date. You can also add some bling with some gold jewelry.

8. White T-shirt + Vibrant colored jacket + Jeans

You can put a little extra effort and add a pop of color to your look by layering up your white T-shirt along with black or regular jeans with a vibrant colored jacket along with boots and a statement bag. 

9. Animal Print Dress+ White T-shirt

You can layer your white T-shirt under an animal print dress along with some boots for an edgy look. This is a great new way in which you can add a stylish look to your plain white t-shirt.

10. White T-shirt + Overalls

A very casual simple way to style a plain white tee is wearing it under a pair of overalls. You can accessorize your look by adding some nice pair of sunglasses and a backpack.

11. White T-shirt + Cute tank top

You can also wear your plain white T-shirt under a cute tank top along with a pair of jeans for a nice casual yet chic look.

12. White T-shirt + Maxi skirt

You can dress up your look by adding a jeans jacket on top of your plain white T-shirt with a maxi skirt and a pair of sneakers. 

13. Plaid Shirt + Jeans

Layer up a plaid shirt over your white T-shirt and jeans along with some sneakers or you can also tie the shirt along your waist.

14. Jumpsuit + White T-shirt

You can also wear your white T-shirt under a nice plain or striped jumpsuit or a romper. You can add a hat and pair it with sneakers or sandals.

15. White T-shirt + Pinafore Skirt

You can also pair up your T-shirt with a pinafore skirt as shown above. Pinafore is a sleeveless dress intended to be worn over a top or blouse.

16. White T-shirt + Strapless dress

You can also wear your white tee under a strapless dress for a nice casual look.

17. Oversized T-shirt Dress

If you own an oversized long white T-shirt, then you can wear it as a dress and can also add a belt around the waist for a more nice look.

18. White T-shirt + Vest + Shorts

You can add on a vest over your white T-shirt and a pair of shorts and sneakers. You can also accessorize it by adding a minimal gold pendant necklace. 

19. White T-shirt + Striped Pants

You can also pair your white T-shirt with some striped pants, gladiator sandals, and sunglasses.

20. White T-shirt + Waist shorts

Pair up your white tee with some nice plain, floral or striped waist shorts. 

These are some of the ways you can style up your plain old white T-shirts and look like a fashionista. See how simple it is and how many numerous ways are there to style a single piece of clothing in different ways. Let me know in the comments if you like these fashion tips and if it was helpful for you…I would love to know your thoughts… 🙂 

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