12 Foods for Weight Loss & To Burn Belly Fat

12 Foods for Weight Loss & To Burn Belly Fat

What are the best and healthy foods for weight loss and to burn belly fat? Find out here…

Well, who doesn’t want a flat sexy belly and get rid of those stubborn fats around there? We all want our body in shape, but you also can’t even stop eating the amazing, tasty, tempting, and mouth-watering foods which build up the fats and cause bloating. Also, belly fat might cause some problems in the future if not taken care of. It can even cause many health problems like diabetes or heart diseases.

I might just have a solution that would work for you to help you get started and motivated as well by just consuming some foods which help in burning the belly fat. You can eat some particular foods which will help you stop the accumulation of excess fat and get rid of it and also help your overall health as well. 

To help you achieve the flat toned belly, I have listed some of the amazing foods for weight loss below which will help you in doing so. So, let’s get that flat belly and burn all the nasty fats.

12 Foods for Weight Loss & Burning Belly Fat

1. Fruits

Fruits- foods for weight loss

We all know that fruits are the most healthy foods for our bodies and health. Eating fruits is not only good for our overall health but they also help in burning belly fat naturally.

Fruits are full of minerals and antioxidants which help in fat burning. Fruits such as apples, guavas, tomatoes, watermelon, kiwi, etc are all great sources of antioxidants.


Apple is full of fibers, antioxidants, and flavonoids which might help in burning the belly fat.

They are also low in calories and sugar and also help you feel full, which further helps you stop craving more food, hence making it one of the best foods for weight loss.


Kiwis are also great foods for weight loss and digestion. Having good digestion and metabolism is essential for losing weight and kiwi helps in doing so.

It helps to boost the digestion and metabolism naturally due to an enzyme present in kiwis known as actinidain.



Watermelons are the best and the healthiest foods for weight loss and especially in the summers.

They contain a little sugar content yet the high water content helps in detoxing the body and also makes you feel full. The water content in the watermelons also helps in stopping the accumulation of excess fats in the body.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea

We all know by now, that green tea is said to be very healthy for our body as well as helps in losing weight as well.

It is said that having green tea helps in detoxing the body from within and also helps to low cholesterol levels in the body. Green tea is said to have no calories at all.

It also helps in filling up your stomach helping you to crave less food. It is rich in antioxidants and catechins which help boost immunity, metabolism and hence help in aiding weight loss. Drinking two to three cups of green tea each day will help in burning fat and achieve a flat belly.

3. Oats


Oats are said to be one of the healthiest food options which helps maintain your health as well as in losing weight.

Although most of us do not eat oats due to it being tasteless, there are many ways you can make oats interesting. You can have oats by adding in fruits that also help in burning fat which will be an added bonus plus makes the oats tasty as well.

Oats are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which help in keeping you healthy and also great for losing weight as it helps you keep full due to the carbohydrates and fibers present in them. They are also very low in calories, hence making it one of the best foods for weight loss.

4. Eggs


When you have nothing to eat, eggs are the easiest and quickest thing you can make which are filling, tasty, and healthy as well.

Egg yolks contain a nutrient known as choline which is said to help the metabolism of your body and help in burning fats. Eggs are a huge source of proteins and foods which are usually high in protein are said to help in losing weight and reducing belly fat. 

5. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are a great natural source of vitamin D you can get, the high content of vitamin D present in the mushrooms helps in reducing belly fat.

Mushrooms are full of nutrients, fibers, and minerals which are beneficial for your health. They are also low in calories and also help in filling up your stomach which helps to crave food less, hence making it the best option of foods for weight loss.

6. Spinach


Leafy vegetables are always considered very nutritious and healthy for your body. Spinach is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and also low in calories as well.

Spinach contains insoluble fibers which help in keeping you full for a long time hence aiding you in weight loss. Hence, making it one of the best options of foods for weight loss.

7. Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers contain a compound known as capsaicin which helps in weight loss. This is a great option especially if you love spicy food. 

Adding chili or cayenne peppers to your food will help curb your appetite, burn calories, boost metabolism hence aiding you with losing weight and burning fat. Consuming this will help you keep full and not crave more food which makes it one of the best foods for weight loss and burning fats.

8. Nuts


Nuts are full of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants and are very healthy for your body and health.

Nuts are packed with proteins, healthy fats which help in weight loss and also burning away the belly fat.

Almonds are said to boost metabolism and they also keep you full for a long time, hence aiding you in weight loss. Walnuts are rich with healthy unsaturated fats which help in weight loss and burn fats. Other nuts like pistachios, cashews, etc are also helpful in boosting metabolism, losing weight, and burn off fats.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil is extremely healthy for you and also helps in weight loss, especially extra virgin olive oil.

It is full of unsaturated fats which help in weight loss and also keep your heart healthy. It also keeps the blood sugar levels stable which further helps in weight loss.

Using olive oil instead of butter or refined oil helps in keeping you full and prevents craving other unhealthy foods that help you in losing weight and is also healthy for your body. Olive oil also helps in promoting smooth digestion and bowel movement which is essential in order to lose weight.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

You can now be tension free since you can satisfy your chocolate cravings by substituting normal chocolate with dark chocolate and also lose fats…what can be better? Dark chocolate is good for your overall health as well as it helps in losing fats.

Consuming a decent amount of dark chocolate can help in reducing the fats from the body and also reduce belly fat. It is because dark chocolate contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids which help in doing so by controlling your cravings and keeping you full. 

11. Coffee


If you are a coffee lover like me, good news, as coffee also helps in burning fats and reducing weight.

We all know coffee contains caffeine which further helps in boosting your metabolism and also breaks down fat.

Since the caffeine in the coffee boosts metabolism, the higher the metabolism the more it burns calories hence helping to lose weight and burn off fats. But, it is recommended to have occasionally because once you become used to the effects of caffeine, it stops working.

12. Water


Drinking water is one of the best ways to lose weight and reduce belly fat.

Drinking lots of water each day is not only beneficial for your body, health, and skin but also helps to fill up your stomach and trick the body to think that you are full reducing the intake of any other cravings or food, hence helping in losing weight.

Water helps to detox the body and get rid of waste and toxins and also helps in metabolism which further burns calories and hence helping in weight loss and fat burning.

So, these are some of the best foods for weight loss and which help in burning the fats as well. Please let me know in the comments below if you benefit from this… I would love to hear your thoughts… 🙂

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