10 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Take care of your nails and learn the tips to help you get strong and healthy nails.

Just like skincare and hair-care, nail care is also very important. Strong and healthy nails can be an indicator of good health. There is nothing better than having strong, healthy, even, and nicely painted nails. To get such nails, you need to take care of your nails the same way you take care of your hair and skin.    

There is nothing worse and painful than having weak nails that chip off or break easily. Here is what to look for to check if your nails are healthy or not.

Signs of Healthy Nails:

  • Nail plates should appear pink in color.
  • The cuticles are there. (Never cut the cuticles.)
  • The length of the nails and white tips are leveled.

Signs of unHealthy Nails:

  • Horizontal grooves on the nails caused due to stress, fever, etc.
  • They break off easily.
  • Tiny white spots due to biting or painting them often.
  • Peeling of nails due to dryness or vitamin deficiency.
  • Swollen skin or redness near skin around nails due to removing cuticles.

These are some of the things to look for to check if your nails are healthy or not. And if you are too concerned about your nails then I suggest you consult a professional or dermatologist.

How to Get Strong and Healthy Nails:

1. Keep your hands clean.

It is important to keep the nails and the skin around them clean so that they are free from dirt. Always remove previous traces of nail polish/color with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

You can exfoliate the nails and the skin around the nails by gently scrubbing them with the help of a toothbrush and soap. This will help in getting rid of any dirt and dead skin.

2. Always be gentle with your nails

Many nail polishes and other products contain harsh chemicals that weaken your nails. Our nails are fragile and using harsh products on them or scrubbing them too abruptly can expose them to infection and make them weak.

Using metal tools under the nails and digging too much under the nail plate can cause them to separate from the skin.

3. Do not cut the cuticles

Whether you are doing your nails at home or at a salon, it is recommended to not cut your cuticles and let them be. The cuticles help to protect and act as a barrier from bacteria and fungus.

Cutting, pushing, or removing the cuticles will make the skin around the nails red and swollen but also cause infection in that area causing permanent damage to the nails. It is important to take care of and nourish the cuticles.

4. Trim your nails regularly

Trimming your nails regularly is important as it is for your hair as well. Clip your nails every two weeks. Longer nails can harbor more dirt and bacteria further causing infection and prevent the spread of germs as well.

You don’t want those germs going into your food.. which can also cause food poisoning.

5. Minimize exposure to water

Soaking your hands in water too much can also cause your nails to become weak and brittle. You can instead use gloves if you have to wash dishes to avoid too much exposure to the water.

I know it is not possible to always avoid submerging your hands in water, but it is something that can be kept in mind.

6. Applying base and topcoat to protect your nails

You can protect your nails by painting them with a base coat before any color polish. This will not only protect the nails but also keep away from it from being stained. Also, apply a top coat after to seal the color polish and add gloss, which will also help the nail from chipping.

7. Moisturize your nails

You moisturize your face, then why avoid your nails? Moisturizing your nails will help protect the nails from breaking. If your nails are prone to breaking, then it means they lack moisture and applying oil to the cuticles will help nourish and moisturize the entire nail.

You can apply any cuticle oil or hand moisturizer or even break the vitamin E capsule and apply it to the nails and cuticles. Castor oil is also very helpful for nourishing your nails. Moisturizing your nails will help you get strong and healthy nails and also make them less dry and brittle.

8. Give the nails a break from polishes

It is helpful to give your nails a break from polishes and instead apply a clear polish. Applying one strong color polish after another will make your nails dry and also turn them yellow. It will also weaken the nail structure if you continue to do so.

Keeping your nails free from nail polishes will help you achieve strong and healthy nails.

9. Avoid acrylic and gel manicures

Even though it is convenient doing acrylic and gel manicures as they last longer, but they are very hard on your nails.

The exposure to UV light from the nail drying machine while drying the nails can damage the skin below your nails as well as the skin around the nails. It will also dry out your nails making them brittle leading to breakage. Avoiding gel manicures will help you achieve strong and healthy nails in the long run although occasionally won’t cause any harm.

10. Improve your diet

It is also important to consider having a healthy diet including vitamins and minerals. Your nails are made of a protein called keratin which requires you to tweak your diet by adding vitamins and supplements like biotin and vitamin E as well as food including protein. Improving your diet can help you in achieving strong and healthy nails.

These are some the tips to take care of your nails and achieve strong and healthy nails. I hope these tips help you all out and do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments down below…. I would love to hear from you….

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